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Phone Features

Please read below to learn more about our phone features

Call Return

Call Return will provide the number of the last incoming caller. It will even re-dial the number for you, if you like.

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Call Forward

Don't miss a call with Call Forward. It's the easy way to ensure you get your calls, no matter where you are. Calls forwarded to Callers reaching you never know the call has been forwarded. And you can still call out any time you want.

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3 Way Calling

Wouldn't it be great if you could talk to two people at the same time?When you subscribe to 3-Way Calling, you can talk with two people at two different numbers at the same time - Use 3-Way Calling to give good news to a couple of relatives, conference in those key clients, or make plans with friends.

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Call Again

Beat the busy signal with Call Again. It redials busy numbers for you. Call Again will monitor a busy number and notify you when the line becomes free. Call Again redials the busy number for you until the line becomes free, for up to 30 minutes. You'll hear a distinctive ring when the line becomes free. Pick up the receiver and your call will be connected.

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Voice Mail

is a service that acts like an invisible answering machine. You can access your messages and voice mail through most phones. Because this service works through your phone, there's no equipment to maintain or to take up valuable space. * Personalized mailbox greeting – up to 30 seconds * Incoming messages may be up to three minutes * "Saved" message storage: seven days * Visual Message Waiting Light or stutter dial tone indicate a message waiting * Password security Listen, save or delete messages by dialing 204-225-9999 from any location or *99 from your home. * Control the number of rings before the call goes to the mailbox (1-9 rings)

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Call Screen

Call Screen re-routes unwanted calls to an announcement that states you are not available to take calls. Call Screen recognizes up to 12 unwanted telephone numbers.

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Visual Call Waiting

If you receive an incoming call while you are on the line, Visual Call Waiting will provide a visual display of the second caller's name and number. Service requires a phone that is Call Waiting and Call Display capable and an active subscription to Call Waiting and Call Display.

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Call Waiting

Call Waiting ensures that you don't miss important calls. Call Waiting notifies you that you have an incoming call while you're on the phone. While you're on the line, a friendly ' beep' will indicate that another party is trying to reach you.. By simply pressing the disconnect button (or your 'Link' or 'Flash' key) you are able to put one caller on hold while answering the second caller. Returning to caller one is as simple as pushing the disconnect button (or Link/Flash key) again

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Call Display

Call Display lets you see the name and number of the person calling. You decide whether to answer or return the call later. All you need is a Call Display-equipped phone and a subscription to Call Display. View a list of the most recent incoming calls, even if you didn't answer them (depending on your phone model).

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